Simple step-by-step instructions for submitting artwork.

Please refer to this guide if you are unsure of how to submit your entry.

  1. How should I label my artwork for image and video submission?

The label of the artwork should contain:

Full Name of Student_Title of Art Work_Year.jpeg

For example:

Ashley Goh_Good Hygiene_2021.jpg

Similarly, for video uploading:

Full Name of Student_Title of Art Work_Year.mp4

For example:

Ashley Goh_Good Hygiene_2021.mp4

  • How do I submit my video if it exceeds the maximum size?

For video files that exceeds the maximum size, you may upload into your google drive and share your link with us to For steps on how to upload and share your time lapse video via google drive, you can view it here.

For example of the time-lapse video, you can refer to here

Note: You will need a google account.

  • Why is a parent/guardian or an art teacher required to provide his/her email or contact information?

The parent/guardian or art teacher can help supervise and ensure that the participant has done the submission correctly. They can be the point of contact should there be a need for clarification or inquiry about the participant’s submission.

  • How do I photograph my artwork for submission using a smartphone?

Please click HERE to view a video on how to photograph your artwork using


  1. Why do I need to submit a time lapse video of the drawing process?

A time lapse video is required to proof that the work is done by the participant.